A series of podcasts chosen in the European Atlantic Area


To close three years of the European 4H-CREAT project, the partners offer you 16 eclectic podcasts that explore innovation in the creative and cultural industries through three topics...


Our cultural practices have evolved, digital pushes us towards another way of experiencing culture: Immediate access to unlimited content, renewal of cultural habits, consumption patterns, disruption of cultural behaviour. How should CCIs rethink their relationship with the public?

  • Museomix: quand le public remixe le musée. (FR)
Manuel Moreau, Musée de Bretagne Les Champs Libres (Rennes).

The Museomix approach brings together, over 2 days, a community of enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs for a creative marathon to explore and bring the museum to life in a different way.

  • Public engagement and cultural mediation. (EN)

Ilídio Louro and Inês Câmara, Mapa das Ideias (Lisbon).     

Created 20 years ago by two sociologists, Mapa das Ideias is a cultural consultancy in mediation. It questions the engagement and inclusion of audiences.

  • The theatre: Renewing the young audiences approach. (EN)

Niamh Colbert, SPRAOI (Waterford).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Both a street theatre company and a festival, SPRAOI has led several initiatives to better involve young audiences.

  • Young audiences and cultural content. (ES)                                                                         
Yolanda Alonso Fernández, Counsellor of Culture of Avilés City Council and President of FMC (Avilés).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

They are talking about concumption of cultural content online and young people's access to culture.


The 21st century is undoubtedly the era of co-creation and co-design. No more going alone! Cooperation and cross-fertilization between actors open up new possibilities. How do we build relevant bridges between actors? How are the meetings between these different worlds organized so as to leverage sharing and collective work?

  • Cinéma Audiovisuel #Coopérer pour se développer. (FR)

Fred Prémel, Tita B Productions (Douarnenez).                                                                                                                                   

The Pôle Audiovisuel Douarnenez-Cornouaille: the story of a collective territorial dynamic.                                                                                                                                                                        

  • L'entrepreneuriat culturel: accompagner les jeunes pousses. (FR)

Emilie Kermanac'h and Elodie Loos, ArtenRéel CAE 29 (Quimper)

Supporting cultural entrepreneurship for young people, a component developed by the Activity and Employment Cooperative of Finistere through multiple collaborations such as higher education.

  • Quand arts et sciences se croisent. (FR)                                                                                                         

Fred Prémel, Tita B Productions and Thomas Cloarec, Teatr Piba (Douarnenez/Brest).

"Donvor", it is the story of a creation born from a meeting between Tatr Piba artists (Thomas Cloarec) and IFREMER scientists (Pierre-Marie Sarradin and Jozée Sarrazin) around the deep seabed. A creation which gave rise to a documentary "I was born in th emiddle of the sea" produced by Tita B Productions.

  • La fabrique urbaine et créative de l'île de Nantes. (FR)

Sophie Maitrallain, SAMOA (Nantes).

The SAMOA is both an urban developer on the island of Nantes and an economic developer in the field of cultural and creative industries.

  • Projecto Lunar: Supporting CCIs through collaboration. (ES)

Ignacio González, Centro Andaluz de Emprendimiento para Industrias Creativas y Culturales (Seville)

Projecto Lunar is the first public support program for young entrepreneurs in the Adalusian creative and cultural industry.

  • The festival, between collaboration to co-creation. (EN)

Cliona Maher, Clonmel Junction Arts Festival (Clonmel)

The Artistic Director of the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival, one of the key art festivals of South of Ireland, discusses collaboration and co-creation between artists and their audiences.

  • Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the creative industries. (EN)

Anne Furphy, Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de Sevilla (Seville)

Chebec is a European project aiming to encourage and support the internationalisation of creative and cultural industries in the Mediterranean.

  • Pervasive Media Studio: Creative Entrepreneurial Development in a Creative Eco-system. (EN)

Michael Johnson and Madeline Smith, Gasglow School of Art (Glasglow)

Pervasive Media Studio hosts a community of over 100 artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experienced design and creative technology.


Digital is reshuffling the cards of the creative and cultural sector. It designs new forms of work and new uses. The whole chain in impacted, from creation to distribution. The opportunities are widened by technologies, which raises many questions, from cinema to the fine arts, from performing arts to heritage.

  • Festival Recto VRso: immersion artistique entre réel et virtuel. (FR)

Judith Guez, Festival Recto VRso  Festival (Laval)

Recto VRso international Festival of art and virtual and mixed reality as part of the Laval Virtual fair leads us to new artistic forms.

  • Patrimoine culturel: l'expérience visiteurs augmentée. (FR)

Erwan Mahé, Design and digital Laboratory, EESAB (Rennes)

VISTA-AR explores new fields of cultural mediation thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality. Making these technologies accessible to small heritage and tourist sites, increasing their attendance and the experience of their visitors, posed great challenges for this European project!

  • L'art s'invite en entreprise. (FR)

Simon Cau, Artify (Laval)

Thanks to a connected board and its art library, the start-up Artigy offers an innovative service to bring art into business.

  • Artisanat d'art et numérique: un mariage heureux. (FR)

François Buvry, Pôle ATEN (Caen)

Crafts are more often associatec with tradition, handmade, artifacts more then the introduction of new technologies. Convinced of their added value, Pôle ATEN has carried out several actions to promote the appropiation of digital technology by art craft practitioners.